Our plan


1. Checklist: what to do upon arrival in the Netherlands (formalities, transport, children, healthcare, driving license, packing lists).

2. Introduction Dutch Culture & Leisure: presentation from the Inpat Center about the Dutch manners, corporate environment, religion, childcare, health system, bicycles, public transport, parking, Dutch Holidays, usefull apps, (whatsapp, NS ect.) It also includes the personal & social needs. (including Inpat Centers special removal box).

3. Intake: Meet & Greet inventarisation of personal whishes. (housing, partner, children, financial support ect).

4. Housing & Environment: the Inpat Center will start searching housing. (Rental or buy) and will join the employees on the journey. Also includes internet, parking, electricity ect.

5. Financial & registration support: registration (BSN), banking, insurance & taxation.

6. Education & (partner)careers: the Inpat Center will help you finding the right (primary, secondary) education and (international) schools. Language courses. With our large (HR)network we also mediate in finding a job for your partner.

7. Likeminded & Locals: the Inpat Center organises at least 2 inpat/expatmeetings a great opportunity to meet likeminded. Join an “app” for expats. Buddysystem. We provide you with at least 2 newsletters per year.

8. Helpdesk: the Inpat Center continues to be available for the employees for any assistance, advice or help.