About us
Inpat Center is the ideal partner for working and living in the vibrant province of Brabant. We know all the ins and outs and offer you full support from A to Z.
  • Arranges a problem-free landing in Brabant, and the house which will become your new home.
  • Helps you to find an appropriate and interesting area to live based on your requirements and ideals.
  • Helps you find employment for your partner.
  • Introduces you to a social network to help you integrate perfectly in the region. You will participate in attractive cultural, sporting and leisure activities with like-minded individuals.
  • Benefits from an extensive network and works closely with stakeholders such as companies, brokers and schools in the region.
Less traffic-jam stress and less time spent travelling in exchange for more leisure time
Trade in the time you spend travelling for happiness
A better balance between your work and your private life
Spacious, attractive and affordable homes
Arrive at work feeling fit and alert and ready to concentrate on your tasks for the day
Spend less time driving in the city


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