Brabant works for you as well

The landscape in Brabant is a patchwork of pretty rural villages and vibrant cities. It is a wonderful place to live and work. Our province is characterised by a highly diverse and innovative business community. Brabant’s top companies are crying out for your talent.

They have founded the Inpat Center to attract the interest of potential and existing talented employees and strengthen their bond to thriving companies in Brabant.

Considering a change of scenery? With its large companies, green rural areas, affordable and spacious homes and proverbial hospitality, Brabant offers a wealth of career opportunities and an attractive living environment. Moving to the region, a short distance away from your employer, has many advantages:

Less traffic-jam stress and less time spent travelling in exchange for more leisure time
Trade in the time you spend travelling for happiness
A better balance between your work and your private life
Spacious, attractive and affordable homes
Arrive at work feeling fit and alert and ready to concentrate on your tasks for the day
Spend less time driving in the city


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